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  • FAQ

     Why use my services?

    I am dependable, personable, trustworthy, experienced, and flexible.  I feel that I share a special bond with animals and my dedication to animals is endless. My goal is to keep pets happy and healthy, whether it is dog walking, on adventure trips, or any other services I offer. 

    How does this service work?

    1. Contact Wags'n'Woofs at (027) 200 5944, on Facebook , via email here or  to discuss your needs.

     2. I will arrange a time with you and your pet for a no charge, no obligation initial consultation.  The consultation will last for approximately 30 minutes.  This gives me an opportunity to meet you and your pet(s), discuss which services, dates and times required, and provide you with a quote.  At this time, if contracted, all forms will be completed and you will be able to provide me with any special instructions regarding your pet, home etc.

     3. Payment is due prior to the contract start date, and at this time I will collect the key(s). Wags'n'Woofs accepts cash, or e-transfer only.

     4. I will make a confirmation call, text or email to you, no later than 2 days prior to your booking.

     5. You can rest easy knowing that your pet(s) are in the capable, reliable and loving hands of Wags'n'Woofs Dog Care.

     6. Thank you for considering Wags'n'Woofs Dog Care. I look forward to hearing from you!

    If you are "shopping around" please make sure I know up front, and please do not reserve dates or services unless you can commit to them.

    Do I ever decline services?

    Rarely, but this may happen if your pet is too aggressive, or I do not feel comfortable caring for them.  This will be determined at the time of the initial consultation.  I reserve the right to decline services if policies are breached, if there is missing information, or if there is a failure of payment for services prior to contract start date.

    What types of pets do you provide services for?

    I provide services for dogs primarily but if you have a pet other than dogs, I would be happy to learn what is required to care for them.

    Can you contact me to let me know how my pets are doing during my absence?

    Absolutely!!!!  If requested, I will email or text you a quick note with your pets update and also send photos.  In addition, daily photos get posted to our social media sites.

    What are your rates, discounts and when is payment due?

    My rates can be found on my pricing page or contact me and I can email them to you.  Discounts may be applied for extended service contracts and pre-paid multiple dog walking appointments.  Payment is required prior to all services rendered.  For unanticipated extended contracts or unexpected pet expenses, payment will be due within 48 of your return home.

    What do you charge extra for?

    Any other extra charges will be discussed at time of initial consultation.

    What about holidays, do you charge extra?

    An additional $20.00 charge will be applied for services required on all Statutory Holidays.  These include; New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  This is a one-time charge on each of these days and is in addition to visit charges.

    How much notice do you need for me to reserve your services?

    As much notice as possible. 

    What if I need to cancel you services?

    Due to the fact that the success of my business relies on scheduling, a 24 hour notice prior to the first scheduled visit is required for cancellation.  Failure to provide notice of less than two days may result in a $20.00 cancellation charge.

     Does my pet need any form of identification?

     Every pet should have some form of identification, whether it is a tattoo or microchip.  By law, all dogs must have a dog license 

    Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

    Yes, all dogs who are inquiring about joining us must have up-to-date vaccinations.

    We require proof of current vaccinations 

    What about my dogs Health

    Your dog's health and safety is of the greatest importance to us, adventure days are assigned into groups suitable to their size and play style.

    As with children, dogs may occasionally get scratches, nicks or scrapes from playing with others. These incidents will be treated with the appropriate first aid and you will be notified.

    Can I request that my dog be kept on-leash for walks?

    Yes!! Wags'n'Woofs does on and off - leash walks


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