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Your Dogs new Best Friend

Giving you the choice and opportunity to provide your dogs with happiness and exercise while you are at work or just busy due to life commitments

Providing solutions to meet your dog's exercise and companionship needs.

Every dog, irrespective of its breed or age, has unique needs and desires. The type, intensity and duration of stimulation required by each dog is different. While most dogs enjoy routine, some prefer variety in terms of games, environments and mental challenges.

Healthy dogs enjoy an outing, especially one where they have an opportunity to sniff, explore and play. Some dogs may enjoy active ball games and play, or a walk through the bush. Some dogs prefer to spend time only with human companions, while others yearn for energetic play with other dogs.

You know your dog and what they would enjoy doing during the day while you are at work, or going on holiday so contact me to help you meet your dog's exercising and companionship needs.


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